Monday, April 25, 2016

Meanwhile, Further Down the Shore

 Meanwhile, Further Down the Shore

Maybe a tie in with yesterday’s post?
Some sketches from recent sessions with “J”.

Both 24”x 18” ebony graphite and chalk on craft paper


  1. Hmm...there is something about "J" here that I can't quite fathom...she appears a little is there in her pose and her expression.
    Could his swim to the distant Island have been the result of a disagreement between the two of them?
    Perhaps I misread his could have been her scathing words that deflated him...
    An intriguing story is going on here for sure...I am hoping to learn more...:)

    1. Yes I see similar connections between these various recent sketches. These at the time were the most recent on my stacks of sketches waiting to be filed (one way or another). I easily get intrigued with the stories they instigate. Unfortunately they soon become fleeting thoughts replaced to easily with the another layer of sketches.
      Thank you