Friday, March 3, 2017

Perched In Other Worlds

Perched In Other Worlds

Be it pillows on the floor
in a basement,
an abandoned building
that becomes a rocky shore.

Be it steel pole scaffolding
in a stepped lecture hall,
an ancient school building
that becomes a rain forest.

Enchanted tales evolve
despite being harassed
by not enough time,
for the random lines.

A search for hidden voids
In the darkness and light,
for indulging in visions
perched in other worlds.

The sketches are of the same model from two sessions in two places a few days apart, this week. Shore took place on the floor of a basement studio hidden from the afternoon light. The other was in a forest, climbing in scaffolding set up in an ancient lecture hall well over a century or two or three or more years old, in the darkness of night.
Shore: 14”x 11” ink on watercolor paper (not enough time for colors)

Forest: 9”x 12” each, ink and chalk on craft paper

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