Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Look Toward Greece

Look Toward Greece

Some sketches from a new model for me. “EL” posed yesterday afternoon for a costume session in a sheet with a few props, looking a bit like old sculptures still standing among the ruins.
1st: 14”x 17” ink and watercolor

2nd and 3rd: 7 and 8” x 14” 10 minute ink gestures


  1. atmospheric!
    There is absolutely no doubt that she hails from ancient Greece...
    this would make a brilliant sculpture.
    I'd love to see some marble pillars in the background, although they are already there in my mind's eye!
    Wonderful!! :))

    1. Pillars viewed through my minds eyes is probably where these sketches will in. So many other unfinished project at the moment where what is seen in my mind is not enough☺
      Thank you