Sunday, September 29, 2013

"S" Acting Out

“S” Acting Out
He is so good at acting out a story in each pose. I know I should be doing more here than just showing the sketches.
These are a few more sketches from the drop in life drawing session I attended yesterday.
The multiple sketches on one page were each fifteen minute poses he provided in a progression. If I had known before hand what each of the poses would be, I might have placed them differently, and maybe varied the scale. I might use them as a reference for a composition that makes more of whatever story is hiding here.
In the ink sketch I had time to add an environment. I still haven’t quite decided what he is doing in it though.
1st: 24”x 18” graphite and sanguine on paper
2nd: 9”x 12” ballpoint pen on toned grey paper

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Morning After With "S"

Morning After With “S”

Islands off solitude
The morning after with “S”, and I had enough time in this pose to draw in my islands..
This morning he modeled for the drop in life drawing session I attended. Yesterday I did a painting and a sketch of him at another session he was modeling for.. I’ve seen a lot of “S” lately. I think I boxed with him just a week ago…
12”x 9” ballpoint pen on toned grey paper

Friday, September 27, 2013

"S" Standing

“S” Standing
This was the pose he provided this morning for the session with the Independent Painters Group. I had a bit of time left at the end of the session to do the smaller ink sketch too. I’m not sure why he looks more relaxed in one than the other.
1st: 18”x 24” watercolor on 140# cold press
2nd: 9”x 12” ballpoint pen on toned grey paper

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"J" Morning in Orange

“J” Morning in Orange

She posed for two sessions I attended today. The session in the morning was a life drawing session. The other later in the day was a costume figure drawing session (see previous post). As you can see, she provided two completely different looks.
I like preferred drawing her in orange.
18”x 24” pastel on paper

"J" Still Missing a Jersey

“J” Still Missing a Jersey

She posed in the same pads back in February, for a costume figure session. At Today’s costume figure drawing session, she showed up again with a similar pose, dressed the same as before.
I did an ink sketch then, so I did the same today.
9”x 12” ballpoint pen on toned grey paper