Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Searching For A Setting

Searching For A Setting

In the session with “ST” this morning after sketching him in this pose, I had too much additional time to contemplate a setting to place him in. I’m not sure he is happy where he ended up.

17”x 14” ink and watercolor.  


  1. Gosh...how could anyone not be happy in such a stunning setting? I know I would be!
    But perhaps his present mood doesn't quite fit...he appears rather annoyed.
    Maybe somewhere beneath dark storm clouds would be more appropriate??
    All the same, it is a truly gorgeous sketch...and the contradiction does work - for me, at least.:))

    1. I understand his mood. He had no idea where I was placing him as he posed in a grey industrial looking studio with the day covered up by blind on the windows to keep out both the morning light and prying eyes☺
      Thank you

  2. Re-bonsoir Anthony,

    Pas déçue !!... J'étais certaine que je ne le serais pas !!... Je suis fan de vos dessins... Bravo l'artiste !
    Gros bisous