Friday, February 5, 2016

Second Week

Second Week

“MG” was back in the same pose this morning. I used a sharpie and acrylics today.
18”x 24”


  1. She has much of patience, and I'm amazed again how the background reflects on your models, wow! giving passion and some experience compare to first week...

  2. Patience: yes.. Six hours in the same pose☺
    The back ground color is always sort of a guess for me..
    Thank you

  3. Brilliant! A new song, played with such feeling and passion...and so much warmth.
    This one is so ALIVE...I see movement...and hear her words.
    I want to get up and dance...:)

    1. Thank you
      She was a joy to paint. She played a bit, but her song was silence, making it easier for us to paint her face☺

  4. That is gorgeous, form, colours ACTION to be, it is pure delight, brilliant colours, oh sing that song....Rosie..

  5. Anthony, i was thinking of Neil Diamond's song about his guitar...Rosie of something, I love that song, that reminded me of it,...guitar humming....we've got all night, remember that song? I started singing it when I saw this although can't remember the words I use to know by heart, oh well