Friday, April 15, 2016

Field Conqueror

Field Conqueror

“P” posed this morning for and Independent Painter’s session with his scythe, playing out the part of a field worker. I tried, but failed to eliminate the smile..  I think he was enjoying the rest of us working so hard to  make him look like an exhausted man in the fields.

18”x 24” ink, watercolor and gouache


  1. Love the composition. This is great work Duce.

  2. Ha...yes, there is a hint of smugness there, in that smile.
    You Artists are doing all the hard work...and he's taking all the credit!
    He's no fool is he? LOL
    Love the glorious colours...that amazing golden field in the background invites me to roll around in it's richness.
    And "P" bears a striking resemblance to John Denver...of is it just me who can see that?
    Brilliant work (as always!). :))

    1. You may be right about the smile. He was the only one at the session collecting a pay check☺
      “P” could be an older version, I suppose…
      Thank you