Sunday, April 3, 2016

Waking To Snow In April

Waking To Snow In April

So, “How does it feel”
was ringing in my head
earlier this morning
while still almost
dead to the world.
Dreams in color
were Erased.
A reprieve,
a delay,
my excuse for
staying in bed,
a little longer

Sketch from a session with “BA” about a week ago, when spring was well on it’s way.

24”x 18” ebony graphite and chalk on craft paper


  1. Was that "How Does it Feel" by Slade?
    Whether it was, or whether it wasn't...I have that track repeating in my head now!
    Not that I mind...I adore Slade! *smiles*

    Oh how I envy her...I wouldn't mind waking to snow - at any time of the year!

    Gorgeous sketch.:))

    1. Older: Dylan… “How does it feel, to be on your own”… etc.
      It’s now back in my head again as it was yesterday morning☺
      I envy her too, now that I’m up.. would like to start the day again☺
      Thank you

  2. keep her just like that , and then draw a very slow awakening, it might help you to wake up completely either way I love it , especially this morning where I have to pick up something at the post office, I barely slept an hour,right now I'm her, and I DON'T want to move, excellent!

    1. I have some sketches from the same session with “BA” waking up. But who wants to get up on a cold dark grey day like we are having again today?
      Thank you