Monday, April 24, 2017

Turning Toward Darkness

Turned Toward Darkness

Feeling safer
hiding from the light
dealing with the crowds
reflecting on knowledge
easier hidden and
too long ignored.

Sketched in a dark place with not enough light.
From a session last week in the basement of a pub.

11”x 14” ink, graphite and chalk on wrapping paper

Sunday, April 23, 2017



Alone, yet
not alone.
the silence
of familiar words
no longer heard.

Sketched a few days ago in a session with “EL.

11”x 14” ink, graphite, oil sanguine and chalk on wrapping paper.



The look questioning: “How much longer?” managed to show through.
My sketch yesterday of her last pose for the day.

12”x 16” ink, graphite, oil sanguine and chalk on craft paper

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Dead Castle Trees View

Dead Castle Trees View

A castle trees view of time,
thoughts while seeing you.
Foolish visitors ignoring
what still lives
while imaginations bleed
over temporary lives
in ruins of the
very recent past.

Sketch of some trees from a visit a while ago to Craigmillar Castle.

10”x 7” ink and watercolor



this not so very old woman
turn into
a not so young child
to find the myths
she still needed
to survive.  

Sketched earlier this week in a session with only a couple of lights on the floor to light up the dark..

9”x 12” ink and chalk on colored pastel paper