Monday, May 18, 2015



Some say they are ruled
by the routed
from a mainland
that couldn’t survive,
to protect those few
found worthy
of such solitude.

Sketches of other more permanent residents.
Islands off Solitude
Both: 14”x 14” fountain pen


  1. I will miss your Islands of Solitude dear Anthony you've helped me so much today is my last blog, and i won't visit anymore, my need to connect to people has turned into hardship living with so many people...I don't need to reach out, I desperately need to find a house, if I am to survive. I thank for all the joy and pleasure you've given....

    1. I’ll miss you too. You are one of the few remaining that even makes me consider posting regularly. I look forward to your comment. I will miss. I will miss your wonderful photos too.
      I hope you find peace as you move on..