Friday, October 7, 2016

Roman Soldier Revisited Again

Roman Soldier Revisited Again

Okay, enough is enough. “R” was back in the same pose again this morning, the same as last Friday. (See last Friday’s post). Some of the artists I paint with on Friday mornings want the model to stay in the same pose, like, forever. They are slow, or maybe, have loftier goals.
So here is another of “R” as a Roman soldier. I painted him again from a different vantage point in the studio. Unfortunately I didn’t do as good a job at hiding how old “R” actually is. I’m sure the foot soldiers that fought for “Empires”, even way back then, ended up being much younger too.

18”x 24” ink and watercolor


  1. Great figure painting !!!
    Have a nice weekend Anthony !!!

    1. Thank you.
      Hope your weekend goes well too.