Sunday, July 23, 2017

Searching Continues

Searching Continues

Who they are is already written out.
Based on unreliable
and easily misplaced
random formed visions.
Some can be drawn
right out of my head.
Or so I thought.

Unfortunately most need more
coaxing to appear
as my unreliable
fickle left hand
refuses to understand
what I so easily sketched out
in my uncompromising

Some sketches from yesterday. Haven’t stopped to search in a while for the characters still waiting for a face.
Some more reference options. Though they don’t get me closer to whom I’m looking for. Two of these will probably replace faces of characters I thought I had already decided on.

Islands Off Solitude

Small: Ink 


  1. Lovely and delightful read and great thoughts. Liked the sketches too!

  2. So good to be back - I have sorely missed your fabulous talent!
    These faces are many possible intriguing stories behind the eyes...:)

    1. Thank you
      Good to see you are back. Hope things have been going okay. Missed you.. Thought about you while my wife and I were in Edinburgh from January till the end of June. Loved being in the UK.
      Am just now seriously getting back to work on Islands Off Solitude.

  3. Love these characters, interesting thoughts... How else we can learn what is right? only by trying to write, to sketch them on the paper, and then just listen to our guts... Good job!