Friday, August 11, 2017

Tangled Up In Self

Tangled Up In Self

Some mornings start like this.
Sometimes continues
through the day.
Some night’s end like this.
Tangled up in self,
smothering out the dreams,
not letting the day die,
fade away and end.

Just more sketches of a bunch of short warm up gesture poses, from sessions, now in the past.

14”x 12” ink


  1. Absolutely amazing!!
    This is exactly how I feel at this moment in time...just too much flying round and around in my mind! lol
    This is one of those sketches in which the observer can see something different with each viewing, just has me all life is presented, from beginning to end.
    This is who we truly are...:))

    1. Feel the same often..
      These are fun as am never sure what the next pose will be, or even for how long. Sort of fun not knowing the final outcome.

  2. Ah, the words, the images...amazing. Perpetuum mobile kind of...