Sunday, March 18, 2018

Yesterday's Arguments

Yesterday’s Arguments

The latest performance
doesn’t have a chance.
Too many yesterday’s
to start over again.

A couple of short sketches of “BA” played out in ten and fifteen minute poses scratched out on my page.
yesterday’s session with “BA” had me thinking about arguments I have with myself.

17”x 14” ink


  1. Aww...come on girls - time to hug and make is far too short to carry a grudge this heavy!;)
    Yes, her inner conflict is so strong that it has externalized this what they mean by "split personality? lol
    Brilliant sketching, as always! :))

    1. Was pleasantly surprised when the second pose worked so well with the first.
      Thank you

  2. Really nice drawing - especially like your lines (as always) and cross-hatching! And enjoyed your description, too!