Saturday, March 5, 2016

Second Week: Morning Stand

Second Week: Morning Stand

“SO” was back yesterday in the same straightforward, sort of stiff, pose, she provided last week.  I failed again to get past the mechanics of painting just what I saw.
18”x 24” acrylic on canvas pad


  1. I'm really glad you avoided the temptation to add to what you saw.
    I truly believe this one was meant to be painted exactly as it was...the "stiffness" is a part of it's is her rather unsure expression.
    I sense a story unfolding...the beginning of a nothing special day...perhaps even a day perceived as challenging...that she is unwilling to move into.
    But...there is a lot of confidence in all that gorgeous yellow...I am willing her to wrap it around herself and absorb it's powerful warmth...:)

    1. As always I like the story you manage to find in my work.
      Thank you