Friday, July 24, 2015

Not a Good Score

Not a Good Score

I had an opportunity to draw “R” costumed as a golfer in the pose above today.
I think his look shows that his game didn’t go so.
18”x 24” ebony graphite and pastel on colored paper


  1. And how it shows in his face!
    His disappointment is palpable...there is such an aura of regret surrounding him.
    He so wishes he had concentrated harder on those shots.

    I never cease to be amazed at your skill, Anthony.
    How DO you express so just a few strokes of graphite and pastel?
    This is fabulous!

    Have a great Sunday! :)

  2. Thank you
    The face, the expression, was all “R”. I just had to capture it.

  3. I echoe Ygraine 100% how do you get an exact expression, seems impossible to me but hey I'm not you...I don't if my comment on most recent went through because it didn't say the usual your comment.......

    1. The expression was provided by “R”. I had the easier role.
      Thank you