Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Phone Scribbles

Phone Scribbles

Some phone scribbles today
captured during a call
from a designer of dreams,
asking advice about building
glass and metal walls. 

He asked me how to build
what he wants to see,
using resources I understand
much better than he.

A designer of dreams,
he taught a very young me
how to see more than grades
and a lucrative career.

Over the years listening
to his ever enduring ideas
lost in the design of another dream,
I now retired
after a long lucrative career,
was sort of bored.

Along the edge of a pad of notes
my scribbles mix between his words
reminds me like the scribbles of youth
lost to his design dreams,
the scribbles like his dreams
never truly understood.

This was the first day back from a vacation, my first day back to draw, something I didn’t do for over two weeks.
Kind of proud of myself.
The call, out of the blue, left me with only these scribbles during the conversation, to post.
4”x 10” ballpoint pen on graph paper. 


  1. Oh my gosh Anthony, this is so, so graphic and sexual or maybe you're a Rocket Man, either way even your absent-minded scribbles are treasures and I love what you should write more, but I can do without, but not without those lines you turn into a dream...for me and ,so many other, wonderful you!

    1. Thank you.
      Such wonderful observations for the results of my absent mindedness☺ I do enjoy the dreams the most.

  2. And I am proud of you too, Anthony!
    Oh yes...sexual...sensual...scientific...combined with chaotic squiggles and lines that suggest creative thought...oh wow...the mind is launched into orbit...;))

  3. Thank you..
    How much can come of the guilt of boredom when on the phone listening to an old mentor looking for reassurance of his relevance.