Monday, August 31, 2015

In the Fog

In the Fog

An unexpected front
as they almost appear
in the darkening wet mist
of an unavoidable dream.

Islands off Solitude
11”x 14” fountain pen


  1. Now THIS is the kind of dream I would like to have...that wonderful sense of being protected and safe when the mists of fear and uncertainty are all around me.
    They are afraid they may not make it to the shore...that the treacherous rocks beneath the waves may claim them.
    But we, the observers, know better...:)

    Oh how I adore happy endings!! :))

    1. These are visions I have had when enveloped by such a front of fog and mist. I don’t remember if dream or not. We the observers would know if we have done anything to fear from such visions.

  2. Amazing, once again, what you accomplish with so few lines. I love the Odyssey-mythological feeling.

  3. Wow on words wow on sketch Wow on the feeling it gives me peace and hope