Saturday, November 14, 2015

Now Gone

Now Gone

Viewing invisible images
projected in elusive flashes,
on a blank glowing wall.

Scattered memories
play like clippings
from a movie trailer,
concealing the surprise ending
we know now is gone.

My sketch from a short pose “J” provided in a drawing session this morning.
12”x 18” ebony graphite and chalk on craft paper.


  1. 'movie trailer' - what the exact characteristic of moment....just like to see more on the wall... please... :)

    1. Each time I sketch models in these sort of poses, looking off into space, a part of me wants to see such invisible images.

  2. Humbird...I am leaning forward and trying to poke my head through the frame in order to see more of the wall!
    Oh I so want to see those flashing images with my own eyes...those precious memories projected...aah such is there in her pose, the way she is eagerly leaning towards the wall...
    Beautiful...and so, so, evocative! :)

    1. I wish I had such powers to see more of these images she may be seeing on her blank wall.. Short of that I should have used a larger sheet of paper, to draw out images I should have made up for her movie, to satisfy and complete the thought☺
      Thank you