Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Invented Place

Invented Place

The result of flashing images of villages
viewed from a flying train on a slow day.
An invented memory of a place I’d never been
appeared in random lines
leaving me in awe
of memories
before traveling between
here and there.

The result of a few coastal villages viewed on the train from Edinburgh to London and back last week. They were just south of Edinburgh along the North Sea. The villages flashed by between obstructions blurring them out along the track.  A single village formed with thoughts of a younger me having once lived and then returning as the old man I am now. As the train moved away from the coast, forests and green fields with spotted puffs of sheep fading soon to oblivion and then sleep. And soon the dreams of living in a village became an invented life, a future memory in this world I sometimes still pretend to be part of.

It’s okay. I’ll be back to sketching the more obvious illusions around me later today.

8”x 6” ink


  1. Hi Anthony, I like this sketch a lot...This is the whole conceptual drawing.... The whole world one wants to explore and really be part of it, like you said... You are still the part! You are alive! Our memory really invents these unique places like composer creates unique from many absorbed pieces... and all they have eyes...looking at you...clinging for your memory...amazing!

    1. Thank you..
      It does make one think as patterns form and are absorbed in less than expected ways.

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