Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Walking Along the Thames at Dusk

Walk Along the Thames At Dusk

A cold wet rainy day with a few attempts to actually snow as well as  a weary traveler visiting and sleeping in the middle of the day left me with time yesterday to sketch out another image from the visit to London, now over a months ago. This time, not birds.
It feels like time has been on hold recently, standing still, even going backwards lately with recent events. The visit to London seems out of place, reminding me more than a month has passed since we were there.
We were in front of the National Theatre in the evening on the way to a play. Walking along the Thames, as usual was much more enjoyable than the play.  

9”x 12” ink and watercolor


  1. Your art works are always so wonderful !!!
    Wish you beautiful springtime !!!