Monday, May 29, 2017

Waiting for the Story

Waiting for the Story

Introduce something
about the character,
an initial impression,
to later destroy,
maybe a sort of cockiness,  
whatever that might mean.

Show an bit of vulnerability,
maybe short-lived bliss,
before doubt filters in.

And then add the drama.
Something from a past
not too clearly expressed,
for fear the audience
might get bored.

Follow with a tragic
less than clear ending.
Tragic here is easier.
Something uncomfortable
leaving the audience
less likely to discuss
what they must have missed.  

Sketches from some of the poses performed in the session attended yesterday. When sorting through my sketches this morning I couldn’t help wondering, then rearranging them, thinking of a prevue poster or trailer, for the story waiting to be told.
Introduction: 11”x 15” ink and watercolor
Bliss: 11”x 14” ink

Drama and end: 14”x 12” ink


  1. Very nice and interesting art works !!!

  2. Wow! Congratulation for the story unrolled..., for the puzzle pieces falling into place..
    wow...the magic of art, creativity, perseverance and work! I love these sketch and words together and just idea what can follow after...! Keet it up, Anthony! I'm intrigued...