Saturday, December 8, 2018

Memories of Before

Memories of Before

Today she looked older.
A little more tired than before.
It’s only been three or four months.
Long enough I suppose to confuse
with memories of the early years,
back when the mirrors didn’t lie.

One of my sketches of “J” from the session with her this morning. Too many lines. Have been sketching “J” a half dozen times each year for over ten years now. My sketches today were acting like lying mirrors. 

11”x 14” ink and watercolors


  1. Do mirrors really lie?
    An incredibly fascinating concept...been hoping mine would lie for some years now! Lol
    Seriously though, what I really like about this sketch is the fact that I can't see her clearly. It is like looking into a dark inevitably...for me, she is a Spirit Guide!
    Sometimes, too many lines can be incredibly creative and mysterious...😊😊
    This is truly amazing!!

    1. And it’s more than just seeing her at the moment sketching. It’s seeing with memory kicking in, so that I am seeing her now and at the same time see her over the last ten years. A few lines aren’t enough. Find myself adding so many more, like putting all of the images of her together in one sketch..
      Thank you