Thursday, May 5, 2016

A Long Walk

A Long Walk

A sketch from a session with “P” not so long ago.

12”x 18” ebony graphite, sanguine and chalk on craft paper


  1. How I want to join him on his long walk!
    It isn't just the act of disappearing into the countryside that entices me...but also that wonderful staff he's carrying...just as I always do when venturing into the wilderness!
    You have captured perfectly the essence of the Druid in this amazing sketch, Anthony...and that speaks volumes...for me, at least...
    Thank you so much.:))

    1. In looking through my sketches of “P”, there are very few of him without his staff. My sketch doesn’t do it justices.
      He does show a resemblance here. I can see him in such a wilderness.
      Thank you