Sunday, May 29, 2016



Held onto some old office supplies from a previous life
thinking I might use them again someday.
Pulled out a few items last night.

An old dried up Varsity disposable pen,
my choice of handwriting tool
during the architectural years.
With some twisting and pulling,
a way to refill was found.
Always thought there was way.
The pen then had to be used.
Found an unopened box of old business cards,
announcing my name and title,
with other initials to impress
how important I was suppose to be.
The backs became miniature canvases
to repeat concept images
from the project I spent
avoiding last night.

Islands off Solitude
All: 2”x 3.5” ink


  1. Wow! What the bolt of energy!! Amazing! And words....Yes, the way!

    1. Energy yes, to avoid what I should be working on.
      Thank you