Monday, May 2, 2016

Contrasting Moments

Contrasting Moments

Maybe it depends on the time of day. Quick sketches from sessions with “B”, one in the morning, the other, later in the day.
Morning: 10”x 18” graphite

Later: 9”x 14” ink


  1. Nice silhouettes, not without them much!

  2. I notice she is standing taller in the morning...and is looking forward, towards the coming day's potential?
    In the later one, she is looking back, towards us...assessing how things have gone and whether or not she has achieved her daily goals.
    Judging by her look of satisfaction, I would guess things have gone exactly as she had hoped...but there is that hint of has been hard work.:)

    1. All your observation are right on. Pretty much how the day went.