Friday, December 27, 2013

Life Lines

Life Lines

Life fills a blank page
Lines not easily satisfied
A view of solitude
Not enough
More lines

Dark pupils emerge
Pools drowned in youth
Reflect old memories
The once insignificant kind
Hoping now for a voice
Settling for a smile

Islands off Solitude
3.5”x 5.5” ink on paper


  1. Why do we so fear and detest these life lines?
    You have brought an ageless beauty to them here...each one etching out the story of a life.
    The blankness of a youthful face lacks character, is less interesting to the beholder.
    Experience fills the canvas with dreams realised and compassion learned. is TRUE beauty...:)

    1. I was so surprised, though I shouldn’t have been after looking at what I had posted, and the title. Up until opening your comment, I must admit I wasn’t thinking about age at all. I was thinking about drawing and memories and starting with a blank paper and seeing what evolved in the lines. I like where you have gone in your comment even more.
      Thank you.

  2. How I love this Anthony, your writing about lines is as real as the lines of her face, those lines that life give you, but never show, you show the lines, I love that

    1. Thank you.
      I must refer you to my response to Ygraine’s comment, as both of you found a better meaning in this post than I.

  3. I like it. Feels almost like barbed wire.

    1. Thank you
      I should have worked more of such a barrier in☺

  4. More amazing ink work - this is sensitive and beautiful!