Thursday, December 12, 2013

Silent Conversation

Silent Conversation

Some conversations end up this way.
5.5”x 8.5” ink on toned grey paper


  1. Best kind and I love how you drew them, and their stance, perpendicular, it's wonderful it is so smooth and lovely

  2. I agree with Lorraine...the silent ones are the best!
    Perhaps someday we'll all use telepathy to communicate...would certainly eliminate lies. But then, of course, we would also lose the element of surprise from our relationships:/
    Think I'm being too deep...sorry!
    Your drawing is great...these two appear to have had a disagreement...the one on the left wants to make up, the other is still hurting! *smiles*

    1. I think there are many conversations that take place in silence. Sometimes more truth is expressed by what isn’t said. You are so right about the element of surprise.
      Thank you