Monday, December 16, 2013

Return to Flat Stone Beach

Return to Flat Stone Beach

Touching the past
Remembering words
Ignored then
Now absorbed

A quick gathering of lines and she came to be, returning to this place remembered.
Islands off Solitude
8.5”x 5.5” ink on toned grey paper


  1. Très joli post, superbe Have a nice day !

  2. Oh how my heart goes out to her!
    Those words of love written in the lost with the tide...and she still hankering for that happy past moment.
    Sad part most of us, she never realised what she had until it was, so sad...

    I love the silvery highlights that bring her to life. Is she on the beach in moonlight? That would be a magical place to be! :)

    1. Your story for her is very sad, yet filled with romance.. Without some regrets, where would be the drama?
      Like your story here. We are both seeing her pose the same.
      Thank you