Sunday, July 31, 2016

Appearing For A Moment

Appearing For A Moment

There she was
in the shadows,
viewed from the
mainland shore,
almost missed,
almost imagined.

Rumored to have joined
ghosts of those who
disappeared before,
she looks much older,
not a ghost at all.   

There she was
For a moment,
a reminder
of promises,
almost forgotten,
almost ignored.

Islands Off Solitude

8”x 14” ink


  1. Gorgeous you write, it is truly magical!
    Oh I love how she appears to emerge out of the scenery be part of it...and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if I saw her withdraw back from whence she I watched...into the trees and rocks...:))

    1. Thanks for the kind words for the poem.
      Yes, she appears and disappears regularly the islands many shadows☺
      Thank you

  2. Wow...she is like the spirit of island....and I love your words here.