Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Point of View

Point of View

A sketch of “SA” from a while ago.

12”x 18” ebony graphite and chalk on craft paper


  1. maybe she will listen a spirit talk...

  2. As I gaze at this gorgeous sketch, I think "wisdom"...
    Although her face is only glimpsed in profile...there is a strong sense of knowing.
    She could easily slip into the role of Wise Woman, possibly tribal...yes...that's it - I can picture her in character...all brightly coloured feathers and fabrics!
    Amazing!! :))

    1. This drawing of “SA” reminds me of how much time has passed since I first had the opportunity to draw her. Sadly maybe wisdom shows more as we age. I’m sill She is still up for some crazy costume poses.. Maybe next time.
      Thank you