Sunday, May 26, 2019

From A Moment

From A Moment

Just anyone in the first
few minutes.
A face and body.
A costume to figure out.
For a moment unaware.

Then the face in a stillness,
so limited by time
as the beginning a tale
is lost in the moment
that has already passed. 

A warm up sketch before a long pose by “AL”, in a session not so long ago.
6”x 9” ink, oil sanguine and chalk on tinted paper


  1. How brilliantly enigmatic!
    A lost moment, emerging out of the mists of time...a ghost from the past, maybe...she does appear rather waif-like!
    I love this!!😊😊

    1. Thank you..
      One of those moments when there is something special in the face that appears. Any resemblance is offset by something just a little more interesting that isn’t there long enough for a story to evolve..