Friday, May 3, 2019

Ignored By a Purple Crowd

Ignored By a Purple Crowd    

Sitting on a yellow blanket covered set of stools,
left me wondering what to do,
once I had her sketched in.
Probably should have placed her
on a rocky shore or in the desert.
She just wasn’t dressed for either place.
So I put her with a bunch of purple snobs
on the wrong side of a yellow….. something???

My sketch of “AL” this morning in a session with the Independent Painters Group.  
12”x 18” ink and watercolor

Fountain Pen: Platinum Carbon fine point


  1. Bonsoir cher Anthony,

    Je trouve très intéressant la foule située à l'arrière en mauve... Elle crée un magnifique contraste avec cette jolie jeune femme.
    On peut tout imaginer en ce qui la concerne... Attend-elle quelqu'un ? ou alors vient-elle s'isoler de cette foule qu'elle vient de quitter ?...
    J'aime beaucoup. Quel talent !

    Gros bisous et bon week-end

    1. The contrast between the young model and most of us sketching her perked my idea for the background.
      Thank you Hope you are having a good weekend too.

  2. So glad she outshone those purple snobs...haha, she left them way back in the shadows! Lol
    That yellow really steals the her expression. It adds weight to the story forming in my mind...seems to say, "I will ignore your snobbery...rise above it!"
    A truly magnificent work of art.😊😊