Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Behind Umbrellas

Behind Umbrellas

This painting was recently accepted into the “Think Small 2013” show at Lawrence Street Gallery in Ferndale, Michigan. 
It is a small watercolor version of one of my ink sketches, posted a while ago.
Also posted a while ago is a much larger acrylic version of this same composition also based on the sketch.
I must say, I still like the original sketch better than either of the paintings.
8”x 8” watercolor on 140# cold press.

Window Seat Tears

The above sketch titled “Window Seat Tears” was also accepted into the “Think Small 2013 show. I’ve done a couple of painted versions of this sketch too.
Entered the original concept sketch in a show is a first for me.
If you follow my blog, I’m sure you’ve seen the painted versions of this sketch.
5.5”x 8.5” ink on toned grey paper.


  1. Love the title "Behind Umbrellas"...funny, Anthony :) But in truth I love the colors in this painting and umbrella paintings with gorgeous colors always catch my eye!

    "Window Seat Tears" is sad but beautifully drawn. You have truly captured the pain that is causing those tears to fall. I favor the drawing over the colored versions in this case. This is the type of feeling that needs these hard lines over the soft colors of the same scene.

    Have a nice Thanksgiving!!!


    1. Wish you a nice Thanksgiving too.
      Thank you

  2. Hey, some people actually know quality pieces...I say Bravo x100 ..so happy for you!

  3. Yes...congrats on both!
    So very well deserved :)