Saturday, June 20, 2015

Between Going or Not

Between Going or Not

Some warm up sketches this morning of “J”.
24”x 18” ebony graphite


  1. Oh so me, at least in mind,most of the time it's not, this speaks to loudly awesome drawing Anthony

  2. Gosh...this entire sketch screams indecision...shall I or shan't I?
    Oh I really think she should...or else she will forever be wondering what if?
    I think she probably did eventually go...
    Wow...such a powerful story evoked here, Anthony...her indecision is tangible.:)

    1. Yes the indecision… determining where to place each of these sketches of her short series of poses, guessing what the next pose will is hit or miss. A different placement of each would have lead to a completely different title☺
      Thank you