Sunday, June 7, 2015

Recent Visits

Recent Visits

Sketches of “B” from earlier in the week, and yesterday.
Mostly ebony graphite, and a little pastel.
1 and 2: 24”x 18”
3: 12”x 18”
4: 18”x 17”


  1. Wow...these are amazing...the poses are so evocative of moods, ideas, aspirations - so many stories are stimulated in my imagination. It's like many different time zones converging at this single point in "B"'s history.
    Fabulous! :)

    1. Thank you
      The stories are waiting to be told. I should take time to create a narrative for each.
      I will probably include some of the images in the story I am working on..

  2. outstanding so many ways to interpret the meaning of each drawing and the multiplication of a single woman leaves me breathless ok enough visiting, I'll catch up eventually but I have to go visit others, I will catch up, eventually so good to see these again, so , so very good