Friday, October 30, 2015

Demonstration For Ghosts

Demonstration For Ghosts

They only showed up behind the artist in my sketch.
I may have been the only one that could see them.
The other sketches showed only a blue or green wall.

“R” posed in his now familiar artists costume this morning for the Independent Painters. 
He may have been painting me.  
18”x 24” ebony graphite and watercolor 


  1. These ghosts are too real....Interesting idea...nice sketch.

  2. They have come back...intrigued to see what he is painting.
    I can't help willing him to turn around and see them too...and add them to his masterpiece.
    Oh I really love this one, has delightfully "Halloween" feel to it.
    Wonderful!! :)

    1. He was obviously painting me☺ The Ghosts know..
      Thank you