Saturday, October 10, 2015

Second Time With Red Shoes

Second Time With Red Shoes

The model “A” was back for a second week this morning in the same pose.
Achieved a slightly better resemblance the second time through, except for the shoes.
16”x 20” acrylic on canvas pad


  1. Oh I love those red shoes!!
    I'm not sure why, but they add an sense of power to her pose...I guess it is either the colour red - evoking passion and strength...or else the chunky style of the shoes, that seems to shout "Don't mess with me!"
    Her fabulous pose adds to the impression is female strength at it's most potent.
    And you have captured it's essence brilliantly! :))

    1. They were a last minute thought to add attention to the bottom of the canvas. Your comment sums up well the models attitude and strength, looking forward to what awaits her at the end of the month.
      Thank you