Saturday, October 24, 2015

Sketch of a Silent Conversation

Sketch of a Silent Conversation

“R” posed like this earlier in the week, for this conversation in a sketch.
9”x 12” ink and pastel on toned paper with a bit of shadow from the camera too. 


  1. Yes, I see he is waiting for a reply. It is as if he has asked a question that is deeply significant...and he appears almost apprehensive as to what the answer may be.
    There is such power in this wonderful sketch. His aura seems to actually reach out through the screen.
    Absolutely mesmerizing! Very well done.:))

    1. We have been having these kinds of conversation often over the last few years. The silent words are as significant as ever.. I maybe be doing a better job at understanding them now.
      Thank you

  2. His silence
    Between the answers
    filled with questions... :)