Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Long Day With Fans

Long Day With Fans

She sat all morning for her fans.
She continued to sit through the afternoon
as adoring fans painted their best versions of her
and her performance in a familiar chair.

“B” posed in an all day session last Friday sitting as I have sketched her here. I showed up in the afternoon after spending the morning in the studio next door sketching “AR”. (Posted sketches of “AR” yesterday). Not a bad way to spend a day.
14”x 17” ink and watercolor
Fountain Pen: Platinum Carbon fine point


  1. Well worth the wait too!
    Wow...this is SO beautiful...I love everything about it...the pose, the colours...I do hope she wasn't too bored though, sitting there all day! 😊😊

    1. Yes, I do think she was getting bored. Kind of goes with the job☺
      Thank you