Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"E" Seated 2

“E” Seated 2

The sketch is from another pose she held for a short time yesterday.
12”x 18” watercolor and ink


  1. I imagine "E" relaxing on the beach here...she is slightly sun tanned and is watching her lover returning to her with a long, cool drink!
    I'm sure this isn't how you intended it at all, but this is how your wonderful paintings and sketches touch every imagination in a very unique way...:)

    1. I like the story.. As she posed on the old chair against the dull grey wall in the studio, under artificial stage lighting, I was seeing her on the porch of and old cottage from old money along the coast looking out over the sea.

    2. I definitely like your story much more...that old cottage certainly beckons! :)

    3. Being near the sea would be enough at this moment for me☺