Friday, May 9, 2014

Two More of "GR"

Two More of “GR”

This was his second week in the same pose. Last weeks painting was with watercolors. This morning with the Independent Painters Group I painted him a couple more times, this time with acrylics.
16”x 20” acrylic on canvas pad


  1. I like this painting very much,Anthony !!!
    The colours and the brushwork are so exciting !!!
    Have a nice weekend !!!

    1. Thank you
      I did enjoy experimenting a bit more.

  2. Wow...your talent for capturing facial expression never fails to amaze me...I realise I have probably said this many times before, so am possibly becoming boring...but it is true.
    There is a positively "regal" air about him...such a commanding presence, that you have totally imbued with the most vibrant life-force...his aura can be physically felt!

    Sheer genius...:)

    1. Thank you..
      Never tire of complements☺
      I been drawing and painting “GR” for a long time now. He definitely has a commanding presence in the studio.

    2. Yes indeed he looks like he's coming out from the dark into the Light where he shines brighter, his hair and face warmer wow, that's quite a painting Anthony

    3. Coming out of the dark was the intent, though the process of painting him, and him actually happens in reverse. He is all light at first, being slowly pushed back into the page.
      Thank you