Monday, May 12, 2014

Hidden In Shadows

Hidden in Shadows

“E” modeling in the round. The light was behind. Her shoulders, buttocks and thighs were glowing I’m sure for the artists on the other side. I did enjoy the challenge though, trying to find her, hidden in the shadows.
11”x 14” ink on toned grey paper

Where the Light Was

I did have an opportunity in a later session to sketch “E” where the light was.
24”x 18” pastel


  1. Bonjour cher Anthony,

    Chercher la lumière qui vient parcimonieusement caresser la peau de votre modèle... Le jeu est intéressant.
    Très jolis croquis.

    Gros bisous

  2. this is awesome, still I prefer the shadows, so much harder to really be seen, although I love how you use the light to paint her again it's rather excellent

    1. Thank you
      There is something to be sad for being in the shadows safely hidden for the light. Sometime more is exposed than we would like☺

  3. When she is in the shadows, my eyes strain to see her clearly...I look intently and see exactly what I expect to find.
    The shadows always add intrigue...they reveal only partly what is there, so the rest is up to the observer's imagination.
    I love that...being able to, in a way, become co-creator of a work of art, as I strain to read her expression and interpret her mood.

    In the light, she seems more "open"...more communicative...and I can see beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is happy in her own skin...:)

    1. Drawing in the shadows is sort of the same. Making decisions what to emphasize, soften, or ignore becomes the challenge. It’s much when the light points out the obvious attractions..