Monday, May 26, 2014

Quiet Roar

Quiet Roar

I would sit in such a place for hours in the silence of the quiet roar. Today, not being close to this silence, I sketched the memory instead.
9”x 6” watercolor and ink 


  1. Only you can say quiet roar of Sea Green and I understand your painting shows exactly that, a beautiful quiet roar falling softly, silently of the stones, magnificent

    1. And I know you would understand☺
      Thank you

  2. Sometimes, being lost in such a memory is equally as profound as actually being there.
    I an there now too...and the quiet roar is lulling me into sweet dreams...:)

  3. I’m lost in memories often now. It’s an easier way to travel, especially to places in the past, a good way to fall into a good dream☺