Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hope and What For

Hope and What For

Sketches of poses from the floor.
“EL” portraying hope and “PL” wondering what for.
From recent sessions with each of these models.
Hope: 12”x 9” ink, graphite and chalk on craft paper

What For: 12”x 9” ink and chalk on colored pastel paper.


  1. Your sketches always sing so softly to me, sometimes they yell, mostly they quiet my over-busy-thinking-too-much-mind. Each bring a much needed sense of relief that I'm not hated by them as I am by some of my neighbours who can't accept that I have agoraphobia and a social phobia and I can't mix...I can't sleep for more than a few hours at the time, I get yelled at. So I come here and get some courage. You are that awesome, thank you Anthony.

    1. Lorraine
      You are too kind.. Relating the silence inherent in the process of drawing to whatever sound may be produced is profound.. The soft sounds for me take place usually when I have an opportunity to sketch.
      Thank you