Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hiding Behind Closed Lids

Hiding Behind Closed Lids

Some quick sketches from sessions attended over the past few weeks.

3”x 12” and 9”x12” ink and one with chalk on craft paper.


  1. evoke so many feelings here Anthony but then again you always do, I'll catch up to everyone soon still have my photo blog also have a sale blog agsin, for fun, for something to do. Anyway Like I said I will catch up I always do.

  2. I deleted my selling blog, I'm broke but I'm sure visiting once or twice a week won't be that much I'll see, and if it's not much, than I'll visit every day, because I miss your art so much, and everyone else's blogs, I miss my friends and their awesome talent. So I put a photo up on photographl where I will remain, and hopefully, eventually catch up on your wonderful paintings that take me away...thank you Anthony

    1. Haven’t looked at your blog yet today, but will soon. Am looking forward to seeing your photos again.
      Thank you