Friday, June 6, 2014

One More Portrait of "B"

One More Portrait of “B”
She was back this morning posing for the Independent Painters Group in the same pose as last week. Today instead of watercolors, I used acrylics to paint a favored model, one more time.
20”x 16” Acrylic on canvas pad


  1. You drew her so beautifully, and full of character, some may have skipped over that but not you, wow

  2. I like the way you draw her natural beauty, a lovely drawing

  3. Oh I can see why she is a favoured model...she is amazing...and you have brought out the very best in her here.
    She is so vibrant and alive...I expect her to step out of the picture at any moment!
    This is fabulous.:)

    1. Being a favorite, I draw and painter often. She models again for a session I will be attending later this week.
      Thank you