Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Three Silent Conversations

Silent Conversation

Conversing within her silence
Frozen in the stillness of a pose
Vulnerability displayed
Secrets seemingly revealed
Years with her artists
Presenting identical performances

Deep secrets are revealed
As more strokes fill the page
Seeing into history
Maybe her soul
As she counts how long to stay frozen
Knowing exactly when to thaw

I spent some time with the Queen yesterday. When asked, she said she has been modeling since the late 1950’s, back when I was eight or nine. I have seen slides showing paintings of a much younger version of her, painted by even older artists than me.
1st: 9”x 12” fountain and felt tip pens, oil sanguine and chalk on toned paper
2nd: 9”x 12” fountain pen, oil sanguine and chalk on toned paper
3rd: 18”x 24” pastel on colored paper


  1. Bonjour cher Anthony,

    Je pense que vous êtes chanceux de pouvoir croquer ce modèle qui a une expérience aiguisée. Comme vous le dites si parfaitement bien, son âme est mise à nue. Son expérience lui permet de tout donner... à vous les élèves de saisir l'émotion et les émotions.
    Je pense que vous y êtes brillamment parvenu outre votre talent de dessinateur.
    Très joli travail.

    Gros bisous ♡

    1. I am so lucky just to know her much less have these opportunities to sketch her wonderful poses she has perfected over so many years.
      Thank you

  2. Conversations with silence. That's what us introverts do. Such a web you weave with the painting, the poetry and the biography!!!

    1. These conversations are the best. It is what we do.. It has taken such a long time to appreciate what I hardly noticed, not so long ago.

  3. and Ma, never fails to show the world how it's!

  4. Wow...I love the idea of conversations with silence...her silent memories, stretching way back into the 1950's.
    Just imagine how many anecdotes she must have to many secrets to share on how to remain beautiful and ageless...forever.
    She is truly amazing! :)

    1. I must admit the conversations before, between and after the poses are a joy. She enjoys reminiscing about her very interesting career.