Sunday, November 3, 2019

Going Out

Going Out

Before heading out
into a darker place
to hide in shadows,
hoping to be seen.

Some short warm up sketches from a session with “D” a couple of weeks ago.
12”x 9” ink on tinted paper

One of the Long poses that followed:

Fountain Pen: TWSBI ECO EF with Carbon Platinum Ink


  1. Love the way you've grouped the figures - great drawing!

  2. In this disguise, she will definitely be seen!
    She makes a wonderful spy...the hat, the glasses, and turned up collar. Like Barbara Windsor in Carry on Spying!😉
    I really like how the other three versions of her appear to be dissolving into a must...very mysterious and intriguing!!😊😊

    1. The mystery is more how long each pose was. The first three were two minutes long. Had a whole five minutes for the last.
      “D” in her costume, did play the role well.