Thursday, February 20, 2014

Unfamiliar "E"

Unfamiliar “E”
She didn’t look like this at all, except for the pose.
18”x 24” pastel over pastel prepared paper


  1. Beautifully painted and brushed even if she is a complete wreck, you've done her justice :) bravo

    1. Not a wreck at all. My drawing just doesn’t look like her..

  2. or maybe you saw through the mask, without consciousness, I think you did without knowing, but then again you know I'm a feeler...actually I'm an introvert INFP Intuitiveré Introvert, where feelilng and percepting is what I do. As a Career Advisor we had to know and we had to take the test every once in a while because people change, and It's interesting to see the change, except for mine through all the exams I remained a strond INFP apparently that's not normal, but then again I never said I was ;)